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Healing Together

Discovering Your Inner Wisdom

Reverend Sue Knutson

Energy Practitioner   Healer, Intuitive

Tools for Your Journey,

As an Energy Practitioner I work with the energy of the body in all dimensions. Energy is exchanged physically, mentally, emotional and spiritually. Personal empowerment is recognized when balance is achieved. I have worked in the medical field for over 40 years. In 1999, I began actively adding to my toolbox in the healing arts and expanding my beliefs.

At Healing Together, my goal is to guide you in your journey of spiritual growth. With this, it is realized that you have a personal power. During the journey you discover you are able to reclaim the Inner wisdom that is yours, and become self-actualized. More free to be you. . I offer a supportive atmosphere while teaching you specific tools for your travels.

Always respecting and honoring that your story is unique, your Inner Wisdom is then allowed to flourish.

I am open to bartering or trade of services.     


Let's Begin.... Personal Meditation, Breathwork and Journaling Instructions:

Introducing you to your inner wisdom! Can be presented in a group setting also.

Energy Balancing

When energy becomes depleted andscattered, a re-balancing helps facilitates focus and centering, allowing thebody balance needed for well-being. Energy Balancing especially helpful in beginnings and endings!

One-on-One: Using the class material "Art of Choice" The focus is in personalizing the right tools that will empower you in your unique journey. A second follow-up session is recommended.

Intuitive Readings Connected with Spirit and asking what would one need to know at this time in their life.  

MiniReadings usually done at Parties are approximately 20 minutes long

Chakra-Meridian Balancing

Balance, heal and restore. A spiritual healing that cleanses and balances stagnated and un-circulating energy. Then energizes...

Intuitive coaching / Full Energy Work Session: SpiritualHealing /Transformational work.

60 to 90 minutes

It’s all about energy. This offering is for when one findsthemselves ready for a supportive transformation in their lives. IntuitiveCounseling is a guided session with the intent of addressing the healing ofbody, mind and spirit. The challengethat is presently facing you is addressed and healing tools are offered. Includes class Art of Choice. When choosing healing, 3 sessions in a row(within 1 month) is suggested.

Intuition Opening: a channeled attunement to assist you in embracing your own intuition. When you're ready, Isis will call you. 

Restructuring: working with and healing past lives. Focus on repeated patterns (physically and emotional bodies) and their release. Past-life regression process is usually 1 hour.  

Now offering Compassionate Touch. I will travel to your home or a convalescent home within my local area. 30-40 minutes.


Classes Offered:

These classes can be given either individually or in a group setting

*New Class: Working with the Chakra's

*Reformatted:Let's Begin.... Personal Meditation, Breathwork and Journaling

* The Healer's Way Series: Reiki I, II and Reiki Master Teacher

* Art of Choice (Tools for Empowerment)

* The Energy Body and Energy Healing ( Developed from Therapeutic and Quantum Touch and Qi Gong) Anyone can do this!

In My Toolbox:

* Ordained in Spiritual Healing and Prophecy

* Certified Metaphysician

* Reiki Master Teacher(ICRT and ARMA)

* Advanced Qi Gong Practitioner

* Medical Intuitive

* Integrative Energy Therapy

* Quantum Touch

* Past Life Restructuring

* Cranial Sacral Therapy

  • Certified Member of The American Holistic Health Association.
  • Registered Healer LilyDale’s Healing Temple



9 Hammond Parkway

Middleport, NY 14105


[email protected]

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