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Healing Together

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Reverend Sue Knutson

Energy Practitioner   Healer, Intuitive

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Fall exercise

Posted on November 24, 2012 at 8:34 AM Comments comments (40)
For the Fall season  An Exercise in Gratitude

One of my favorite sayings that I live by is Gandhi’s “Become the change you wish to see.”
With our  world running challenges at us right and left it’s difficult to shift our gears in taking
the higher road.Gratitude is huge in assisting transformation.  Energetically it brings in the
highest of vibrations, facilitating what is personally  desired. The Fall season is a perfect time
to gather the energy of gratitude and shift your perceptions. 
Working with this exercise of gratitude will enable you to look at things differently.You are harvesting all the seeds that you have been  planting. By seeing events with gratitude:
blessings and challenges, your harvest will produce a high yield in bringing your desires
forward.  The peace and sense of achievement it brings will  open energetic doors. 
When one begins a conscience awareness of gratitude, a perceptual and energetic shift is
brought about.Gratitude, paying it forward, a blessing, a random act of kindness, and grace
are all intertwined with one another.  When lived as a way of being, faith and trust take
over fear.  Higher vibrational emotions then play in your realm of reality: and your reality
To bring this vibrational change into your life, review your blessings. What has or is making
you happy? A full thankfulness and gratitude is then felt. Sense it, feel it, know it.  In this
state of reflection, write down these items .  It may be a person, your health, your home,
an energy. Grace has no boundaries, so reflect on all of this and write it down. Once a day
for 2 weeks, review them.  Relive the feeling of gratitude and know your true blessings in a
truly different way.
After your review is completed, play in your mind in inventing ways of expressing your true
self. For example: Paying it forward, executing random acts of kindness and tithing. Bring
back from memory how easy it is to be a loving caring free spirit with warmth and
compassion. Know how easy it is to truly love and appreciate yourself. You can make a
difference in yours and others lives.  Bring the blessing of yourself to others. And watch in
awe what is brought to you in return. You are now open to receive all good .   
A life lived in Grace is a life lived in Wholeness