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Healing Together

Discovering Your Inner Wisdom

Reverend Sue Knutson

Energy Practitioner   Healer, Intuitive

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Posted on October 30, 2011 at 10:31 AM
I have always felt that personal  and global change is more possible with seasons and astrological shifts. Along with the Fall and your personal harvest, we also have stars moving in a pattern to assist in monumental changes in your life if you choose it.These changes you would desire for are attainable at any time, however, the energy from the movement of the Zodiacs are assisting you in your realization to a stronger degree. It's all about you.
Let's call it the Matrix of Change. The elements around you that bring about that change for yourself are: Thoughts and Beliefs, Intentions, Feelings, Actions, Energy, Imagery, Communications and Body(physical sensations). Tune in to these and develop them in line with the  realizing self.

Categories: Matrix of Change