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Healing Together

Discovering Your Inner Wisdom

Reverend Sue Knutson

Energy Practitioner   Healer, Intuitive

Seasonal Exercises

The opportunity for our personal growth calls to us stronger during seasonal times. The arena is set for change. Astrologically the stars will be in line awaiting our movement.

Exercises offered seasonally will provide an opportunity for your personal reflection. My intention is to develop a communication with others that are ready to embrace the infinite possibilities of growth and healing.

Spring Time......Ready, set, go...........

Time for balance and for the seeds that you've planted to take root. From the Spring Equinox to the Summer Solstice is power time to bring those choices in that you've flirted with! The Jumpstart exercises assist you in any way you need them to.

Whether it's to maintain your already beautiful life or to fine-tune yourself, or even to help bring about the change in yourself that you've been anticipating!!! Take what sounds right to you and build your practice. Happy Spring!!!

Drink Pure Water - Our bodies are 70% water.Drinking impure water is responsible for many illnesses commonly attributed toother causes. Most people go throughlife dehydrated. Drinking when you are thirsty is not enough. Tea and coffeeactually dehydrate the body making any associated problem worse. Drink at least8-12 glasses of clear water every day. Using the Emoto research, put love andlight into your water. Search under Emoto's water research.

RegularExercise- Exercisecan slow down, and even partially reverse, the aging process. You will have farmore energy to enjoy. Exercise is something you can take up and benefit from atany age. Yoga is excellent because it tones your inner organs as well as gentlystretching and strengthening your muscles. Walking for 15-20 minutes every daycould be extremely beneficial. Consultyour doctor regarding your current state of health and advice on suitable formsof exercise for you.

Meditation– People that meditate regularly often have a biological age10-20 years younger than their chronological age! You will also be far morecentered all day, more aware of your emotions, and far better able to cope withany challenge life can throw at you. Simply sitting in a quiet place alone, closing your eyes, and followingthe passage of your breath as it moves in and out is a superb meditation.

Breathe- The breath is said to carry our lifeforce. Take time to sit and watch your breathing. Is it performing at ease withyou or is it tight, controlled or restricted? Breathing a relaxed yogic breathopens energetic pathways and promotes healing at all levels.

Forgiveness- Grudgestake up brain capacity and prevent us from being at our best. What we focus ourminds upon grows;this is also true of disharmony. Therefore, it is impossible to achievepositive things for ourselves when we have a lot of our energetic capacity tiedup in negativity. Remember that forgiveness is primarily for YOU. The Forgivingyourself and letting go would be your intention. It frees up your energytremendously. Then Forgive all grudges, no matter how old they may be. Seekreconciliation. If you find this hard, begin with the easiest ones first.

Journal- Keep a journal where you canrecord your reactions to your growth and changes and how you feel aboutsituations, what you are learning. Declare your desires and assist in affirmingyour life. Keeping a journal awakens your intuition and deepens your contactwith your spirit.

Always be Gentle with yourself, we are always in Process!!!!

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 Summer: Celebrate your Magic!!


In a workshop I was to write a "Becoming" Poem, I found the experience trans-formative and joyous! I'd like to share it with you so you can create your own Becoming Poem.

To begin, you start the sentences as "I am...." and then use your adjective and verbs to solidify your statement. Liken your descriptions and comparisons to nature and the action of nature. Remember its a poem, a song of you.

I am the mediation tree that reflects pause and comfort

I stand straight and strong offering my inner strength and vitality

I am the lonely chimes bringing musical notes to the quiet

I send forth harmony amid the blissful solitude

I am the wind, refreshing, re-birthing, renewing

Carrying my messages of cyclic life

I am the song of a bird that brings color and healing to the void

I celebrate the joyous music of nature

I am the water of the lake, shifting, ever moving to the tones of my neighbors

Divine, bless us all, for we are one

The Fall Season / Harvest

         An Exercise in Gratitude

One of my favorite sayings that I live by is Gandhi’s “Becomethe change you wish to see.” With ourworld running challenges at us right and left it’s difficult to shift our gearsin taking the higher road.Gratitude is huge in assisting transformation. Energetically it brings in the highest of vibrations, facilitating whatis desired. The Fall season is a perfect time to gather the gratitude and shift your perceptions.

Working with this exercise of gratitude will enable you to look at things differently.You are harvesting all the seeds that you have been planting. By seeing events with gratitude: blessings and challenges, your harvest will produce a high yield in bringing your desires forward. The peace andsense of achievement it brings will open energetic doors.

When one begins a conscience awareness of gratitude, a perceptualand energetic shift is brought about.Gratitude,paying it forward, a blessing, a random act of kindness, and grace are allintertwined with one another. When livedas a way of being, faith and trust take over fear. Higher vibrational emotions then play in yourrealm of reality: and your reality changes.

To bring this vibrational change into your life, review your blessings. What has or is making you happy? A full thankfulnessand gratitude is then felt. Senseit, feel it, know it. In this state ofreflection, write down these items . Itmay be a person, your health, your home, an energy. Grace has no boundaries, soreflect on all of this and write it down. Once a day for 2 weeks, review them. Relive the feeling of gratitude and know your true blessingsin a truly different way.

After your review is completed, play in your mind in inventingways of expressing your true self. For example: Paying it forward, executingrandom acts of kindness and tithing. Bring back from memory how easy it is tobe a loving caring free spirit with warmth and compassion. Know how easy it isto truly love and appreciate yourself. You can make a difference in yours andothers lives. Bring the blessing ofyourself to others. And watch in awe what is brought to you in return. You arenow open to receive all good .   

A life lived in Grace is a lifelived in Wholeness

The Winter Season / Reflection

The season of winter brings us not only the holidayseasons, but a colder climate that keeps most of us indoors. It appears to beorchestrated by the Divine that a celebration of hope is given to us in thisreflective season. The energy of family, community and ourselves and therelationship of each of these to the other are experienced in a different way thanthe rest of the seasons.

With this communal energy we decide what experiences haveserved our highest and best during the year. We then chose the seeds that will create our futureexperiences for the coming year. As a guide in creating our seeds the The Law of Giving is used. “If you want love, learn to give love; if youwant attention and appreciation, learn to give attention and appreciation; ifyou want success, help others become successful. Even the thought of giving,the thought of blessing, or a simple prayer has the power to affect others.”

You can put the Law of Giving into effect by practicingthe following steps: Today,give something to everyone you come into contact with. The gift may be acompliment, a flower, or a genuine smile.

Gratefully receive all the gifts life has tooffer: nature, sunlight, food, and friends. Be open to receiving from others,whether in the form of a material gift, money, a compliment, or a prayer.

Keep wealth circulating by giving andreceiving life's most precious gifts: affection, appreciation, attention, and love. Each timeyou meet someone, silently wish them happiness, peace, and well-being.

“It is more blessed to give than to receive” Ripples....

Merry Christmas and may the blessings you receive be the desires of your heart.

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